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Tips and Tricks

August 31
Connecting to HPU-WiFi for Windows 10

​​​​Step 1:​ Click here​ to download the zip file. ​

Step 2: Double click the .zip file to open 

Step 3: Drag the "HPU-Wifi-Setup.exe" file to your desktop. 

Step 4: Double click the .exe Desktop file to open the it. 

Step 5: Click "Next" in the window that appears, then wait for the process to run (with a blank black screen), until the window says, "You may now close the program." 

Step 6: Click "Exit" 

Step 7: Click your wireless icon in the bottom right of your screen to bring up the list of wireless options

Step 8: Click "HPU WiFi"

Step 9: Sign in with your HPU username and password. 

Step 10: Remember to check "Connect Automatically"​