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Tips and Tricks

August 31
Connecting to HPU-WiFi for Windows 8
    1. ​​​​​Click here​ to download the zip file. ​​ ​
    2. Double click the .zip file to open 
    3. Drag the "HPU-Wifi-Setup.exe" file to your desktop. 
    4. Double click the .exe Desktop file to open the it. 
    5. Click "Next" in the window that appears, then wait for the process to run (with a blank black screen), until the window says, "You may now close the program." 
    6. Click "Exit" 
    7. Click your wireless icon in the bottom right of your screen to bring up the list of wireless options
    8. Click "HPU WiFi"
    9. Sign in with your HPU username and password. 
    10. Remember to check "Connect Automatically"