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Tips and Tricks

August 28
Connecting to Wireless Gaming Network for Gaming Consoles and Smart TVs/Devices

​There is a hidden network at HPU that allows faculty, staff and students to connect their smart devices and gaming consoles to the internet. (Note: HPU-Gaming is not broadcast, make sure to set your box to connect if not broadcast)

​Settings for Wireless Gaming Network:

SSID: hpu-gaming (case sensitive)​

**no password required**

To connect to the hpu-gaming network:

Select any option that suggests manual entry or hidden network
If the device asks for a security type, select none.


Go to your settings menu and look for wireless networking.
Search for a Hidden SSID. Type in hpu-gaming (This is a case sensitive SSID)
If it asks for security settings or encryption, select none.
Your TV should now be connected to hpu-gaming.


Before beginning, you should try to set up your Alexa with a laptop with Wireless access before attempting it with a phone. On our network, laptops have had a much higher success rate of getting Alexa to connect.


Go to and sign in with your A​​mazon account.
Click on Begin Setup
Select your model of Alexa and follow the instructions on the website to set up your system.
Make sure to use the hpu-gaming information when connecting the Alexa device.

Phone Application:

Download the Alexa Application.
Follow the instructions for setting up your Alexa device.
Make sure to use the hpu-gaming information when connecting the Alexa device.

Google Home Devices:

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that any Google Home device will connect to the hpu-gaming network due to the fact that HPU uses an enterprise network. However, you can always attempt to set it up using the hpu-gaming network using the Google Home app from your mobile device.

  • If you are connected to hpu-gaming, you will not be able to access HPU resources such as Blackboard, and may experience issues with other portions of the HPU website.
  • hpu-gaming is not available in every building, and is primarily only accessible in student dorms and housing.