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Tips and Tricks

August 28
Connecting to HPU-WiFi for Windows (XP, Vista and Windows 7)
  1. ​Click here​ to download the zip file. ​
  2. Click on Windows Start Button and Click on Control Panel
  3. Click on Network and Sharing Center
  4. Click on Manage Wireless Networks
  5. Click on Add
  6. Click on Manually create a network profile
  7. Network name should be: HPU-WiFi  (Case Sensitive)
  8. Security type should be: WPA2-Enterprise
  9. This will create the new SSID in wireless networks. Highlight the new HPU- WiFi and right click, then choose properties.
  10. Make sure Connect even if the network is not broadcasting its name is checked.
  11. Click on Security Tab at the top and then click on Settings.
  12. Make sure Validate Server Certificate is not checked and click ok.
  13. Click on configure
  14. Make sure Automatically use my Windows logon name and password is UNCHECKED
  15. Click on Advanced Settings
  16. Make sure Specify Authentication mode is checked, then choose User
  17. Authentication from the drop down menu and click OK.
  18. Then click OK again and you will now have a fully configured HPU-WiFi profile.
  19. Now you can remove your HPU-Guest Profile by highlighting the profile and clicking in remove