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Did You Know

Office 365 is available at no charge to students, faculty and staff

​HPU provides the Office 365 suite of tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, etc.) for online use and download for all members of our user community.  To use the online tools, or to download the software for installation on your computer. Click here to access your HPU Office 365 Account.

OIT has a powerful web, video, voice and text communication tool for you

​Lync/Skype for Business is available for every member of the HPU user community.  The software has been deployed on all university issued workstations but you can download and install it on your personal computer at any time by logging into your Office 365 Account.

You can reset your HPU password if you forget it

​If you have forgotten your HPU password you can reset it any time by going to; clicking on the “Forgot Password” link and either answering your Security Questions or having a Temporary Pin sent to your personal email address.

You can change your HPU password anytime

​Just go to and log in using your username and current password and follow the on screen steps to change to a new password.  Don’t forget to restart all computers and change your password in your mobile devices.

Hackers want your information

​Protect your personal information at all costs!  You should never give your password to anyone.  And, be suspicious of any unsolicited inquiry asking you to provide your personal information (usernames, passwords, account numbers, date of birth, etc.).  When in doubt, ask the HPU Help Desk for assistance.

You can easily share files using Office 365

Easily share files with your fellow classmates, colleagues and others using your HPU Office365 accounts.  Follow these simple steps begin sharing files today.

Did You Know