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Learning Remotely

Learning Remotely


​​As High Point University transitions from our on-campus classes to online classes, our main goal is to continue learning and make the transition as smooth as possible for our students.  This will help ensure that your academic progress is not slowed or interrupted during this period. 


Here are few things to keep in mind as you transition into online classes:​​ ​

Make certain you are in touch with your professor concerning expectations, due dates, etc.  They should communicate with you concerning any changes in the syllabus as a result of moving online.  However, you will also need to be proactive in asking questions and seeking clarification when needed.  

To access your online classes you should have a computer, access to the internet, and ​preferably, a microphone.  Depending on the subject matter and the professor, your course m​ay require additional resources.  This should be communicated by your professor if this is the case.​

Your professor has multiple tools that they might use to provide your instruction.  Depending on what they see as the most beneficial for your course, they may record lectures for you to access in Blackboard or they may choose to live-stream the class sessions (with the professor and students logging in together via Blackboard Collaborate or WebEx).
​​​Time Considerat​ions

As you are informed of new due dates and a new schedule from your professors, make note of that in a calendar.  Additionally, set aside enough time each week for your instructional time as well as research, writing, readi​ng, etc.
Navigating Online Course

Accessing Your Classes

Your online classes will be based in Blackboard.  You will need a computer and internet to access Blackboard and we recommend using either Chrome or Firefox web browsers.  Mobile devices may be used to access Blackboard, but it is only recommended to check grades, read feedback, and login to a Collaborate live session. 


Resource Links
Blackboard can be accessed directly at 


Completing Assignments

As you are working on projects for your classes, keep in mind that HPU offers Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) for free.  Other services are available as well, like Kaltura (for screen-recording and webcam presentations) and OneDrive (for storing and sharing files). 


Resource Links
Create a Video/Screen Recording using Kaltura Capture and Submit the Recording as an Assignment

Accessing and downloading Microsoft Office 365​

​​connecting to online sessions.jpg

Logging into a Collaborate or WebEx Session

If your professor utilizes Blackboard Collaborate or WebEx, you will be able to join live-streaming sessions and interact with your instructor and other students.  The resources below will walk you through how to connect and utilize these programs.


Resource Links
How to connect to a Collaborate Session

How to share audio and video in Collaborate

How to connect to a WebEx Session

Submit assignments.jpg

Submitting Assignments

It’s wise to plan extra time in your schedule between finishing and submitting assignments for a course.


Resource Links
Common questions about assignments​​​

Submitting an assignment in Blackboard

How to view Instructor comments in Turnitin​ 


Taking Tests and Quizzes

Just like face-to-face classes, online classes may have you take tests or quizzes with a variety of different types of questions.  These can be timed, so make certain you read the instructions prior to beginning.  Many instructors employ Honorlock for online tests.  If you are unfamiliar with Honorlock, take a moment to familiarize yourself with it by reviewing the resource below.


Resource Links
Honorlock St​​uden​t Guide
Tips for Taking a Test in Blackboard



Don’t forget to check your gradebook in your Blackboard courses to see your grades and view any feedback left by your​ professor. 


Resource Links
Where are my gra​des?


Software Downloads

Adobe has made their Creative Cloud software free to students for this semester.  Use the resource link below and follow the instructions to download it. 

Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) and SPSS are available as free downloads to all HPU students.  Instructions to download are below. 


Resource Links
How to install Adobe Creative Cloud

How to install Microsoft Office for Windows

How to install Microsoft Office for Mac

How to install SPSS for Windows

How​ install SPSS for Mac

If you run into any issues during your course, we recommend the following: 

  • Contact your professor.  Let them know the situation and see if they can help. 
  • Search Knowledge Articles.  Search the most frequently asked questions online at 
  • Contact the HPU IT Department. For fastest service, submit a help ticket directly to the IT Helpdesk at the link below. 

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