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Office of Communication and Building Management


The Project is to determine the best tool to use for room reservations that will tie directly into our current 25Live implementation and once a determination has been made we will proceed with the rollout of the devices.



Project Completion Date:

Cottrell : Complete

​Phillips: TBD

Project Manager:

Kevin Green

Project Sponsor:

  • Hillary Kokajko

  • Troy Thompson

Project Scope:

  • 10-10-2018: This project is for the FourWinds screens around campus located in Cottrell and Slane as well as plans to expand the screens to Phillips school of business. The original scope of this project has been defined as the ultimate goal of getting 10 new wall mounted devices in Phillips for room reservations. FourWinds has a new solution called "Booked" That allows users to book a quick reservation on the device that will feed the information back into 25live as a reservation for the allotted time span presented on the devices. It will also feed a schedule from 25live to the devices of room reservations and when the rooms will be occupied by the event.

    Currently, the project has been put on hold due to a lack of consumer confidence in the product's current version. Current Vendor is working with us to help build consumer confidence to get our current devices in Cottrell working as intended. 

  • 1-14-2019: The scope of this project has moved from going with the booked application to determining our best route for the future of the university. The plans are to expand this idea to multiple buildings on campus.

    Currently, we are in the testing phase with the FWI booked solution and are also acquiring a secondary solution as well for testing.

  • 2-18-2019: Currently testing devices to determine the fulfillment of this project. 
  • 6-1-2019: Project set for approval and purchase
  • 6-10-2019: Cottrell Wall work set from current panel removal and wall patching. No date on wall work as of yet.
  • 6-24-2019: Panel Arrival - Can start setting up in network closet of Cottrell. Phillips will need to hold off on until building refresh.
  • 7-15-2019: Devices being installed and configured in Cottrell
  • 7-22-2019: Cottrell Complete
  • 7-22-2019: Phillips locations YTBD Project Currently on HOLD
  • 8-01-2019: Philips Competed / Project Completed