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Client: ​

Office of Communications

Project: design refresh

Status: Complete

Project Completion Date:


Project Manager:

Vendor: Blue Fountain Media (BFM)

  • Kevin Sergo

High Point University Project Manager

  • Hillary Kokajko

  • Elaina Huffman - Jan 2020

Project Sponsor:

Roger Clodfelter

Project Scope:

Phase 1 Complete: Initial test site setup

Phase 2: .


07/31/20: Basic site is complete awaiting on final configuration and content migration.  Working to determine if CDN is necessary for proper site performance.  Curently reviewing Cloudinary.
2-15-2021 Contract signed for ADA performance and corrections
3-1-2021 Contractors adding updates to Test Site and ADA updates
3-15-2021 Third resource requested.
4-12-2021 20% of content and sites created
4-16-2021 Adjustment from Vendor​
8-3-2021 In Production