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  • High Point University 


  • Business Continuity and Data Center 

  • In progress

​Project Completion Date:

  • TBD

Project Manager:

  • Infrastructure Services Support 

Project Sponsor:

  • OIT 

Project Scope:

This project will consist of the design, planning, and building of a secondary data center. This new data center will allow High Point University to lessen/shorten application RTOs and will increase the infrastructures resiliency through redundancy and failover technology.


COMPLETE     Finalize Storage Design
COMPLETE     Finalize Power and Cooling Requirements
COMPLETE     Procure required hardware
COMPLETE     Installation of racks/mounting
COMPLETE     Generator installation/testing
COMPLETE     Electrical/Power up
COMPLETE     UPS Installation/Power up
COMPLETE     Prepare BC Data Center
July 5 -             Install Network Switches
July 5 -             Install Storage and Cisco Blades
TBD                 Commission Data Center
TBD                 BC Data Center Go-Live


High Availability — Systems designed with high availability in mind protect against interruptions and prevent outages from happening in the first place. **redundant power supplies

Disaster Recovery — The ability to quickly recover from an IT emergency (natural disaster/hardware gailure/human error). **backups

Business continuity - Continuing to run your business in the aftermath of a disaster. **failover/split work loads

3-15-2021 Vlan configuations

3-22-2021 Migration of Data equiptment from Norcross.