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This is the list that holds all of the OIT Projects.

Automate HPU student and employee user account
  • ​Automate the account creation/management process
  • Implement web-based password management tool.
  • Enhance user information security through the establishment of password formatting standard and regular reset schedule.
  • Implement Colleague HR module and trained HPU HR team.
August 2015Champion, JohnRascoe, JustinComplete
Unify access to university information and web-based systems through a modern, web-based platform.
  • ​Procure the ERP Portal module to serve as the university gateway to online systems/services.
  • Inventory all custom built systems.
  • Develop a departmental documentation repository and begin developing system documentation.

August 2015Champion, JohnRascoe, JustinIn Progress
Implement new ticket system to better serve the university

  • Customize system around university needs
  • Generate robust reporting and SLA controls
  • Reduce desk visits with remote support

August 2015Champion, JohnMoffitt, ScottIn Progress
Course evaluation solution

  • ​​Explore procuring course evaluation system
  • Gather functional requirements of a new solution    

Summer 2016Champion, JohnHodge, AmyIn Progress
This is a list of all parts of the full ERP deployment.

Data Clean-up

  • Update building type - Completed May 2015
  • Streamline email types (business, personal, campus) - Completed June 2015
  • Streamline advisor types - Expected August 2015
  • Update course types (classroom, online, hybrid) - Expected August 2015
  • Update academic departments and schools - Expected August 2015

Position Control & Budgeting

  • Implement position budgeting and position control modules

Reconfiguration Services

  • Prioritize actionable recommendations
    • Registrar - Completed in 2014
    • HR - Completed in 2014
    • Student Accounts - Completed in 2014
  • Collaborate with consultants on identified best practice modifications to Colleague
    • Implement changes pertaining to the Office of the Registrar in the student module - Completed in 2014
    • Deploy HR module - Completed in 2014
    • Implement changes pertaining to the Student Accounts Office in the student module - In Progress

Registration Simulation

  • Determine system load capabilities
  • Improve application performance

Self-Service Financial Aid

  • interactive checklist of financial aid programs and processes
  • Provide incoming students the ability to apply for and accept financial aid in a self-service format
  • Allow existing students the ability to accept financial aid online

Self-Service Student Planning

  • Provide students the ability to plan long-term course work throughout their entire college career
  • Select sections for registration in a particular term

SQL Migration

  • Customization Investigation, documentation and evaluation
    • Determine if Colleague equivalent exists to replace existing customizations
    • Evaluate Colleague-delivered equivalent to customizations and revise business processes
    • Design, build, test, document, and deploy customizations without an equivalent in the SQL environment
  • Data Mapping
    • Practice migrating data in the test environment as preparation for actual migration to new production environment
    • Map where data is contained in Colleague, determine how to move data to the appropriate location, move data in production, and modify associated business processes
    • Define the functional need for non-native data elements and deploy those required in production
  • Document Functional Unit Processes and Customization Review
    • Identify daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and ad hoc processes
    • Test identified processes in SQL test environment
    • Identify customizations
    • Resolve customizations via use of Colleague recommended resolution or rebuild customization in SQL environment
  • Data Integrations
    • Define connection from Colleague to all university systems
    • Define all directional feeds to and from Colleague
    • Identify which connections needs to be rebuilt and define a plan to rebuild connections to SQL environment
  • Reporting
    • Inventory current Informer reports and prioritize them to be rebuilt in Argos
    • Design, build, test, revise business process, and deploy rebuilt report
OngoingChampion, JohnHodge, AmyIn Progress
Documentation of instructional software currently being used as well as what's available to Computing Training Services (CTS) and the instructional community at HPU.

  • Documentation of software used for instruction in the classroom and online​

Fall 2015Champion, JohnEmerich, DebIn Progress
Upgrade existing Network Equipment.
  • Identify and replace end of life network switches.
  • Integrate new switches into system monitoring tools
July 2015Champion, JohnBarker, CurtisComplete
Provide for the continual availability of IT services in the event of an outage at Main Data Center.

  • Identify location to house secondary Data Center
  • Identify equipment and services required for extended support
  • Relocate identified equipment and services to secondary Data Center.
  • Perform annual fail over testing.

September 2015Champion, JohnBarker, CurtisIn Progress
Provide an environment that will allow the continue operations in the event of disaster.
  • ​Identify business critical applications and services.
  • Implement Disaster Recovery plan
  • Create and implement a remote web based system providing access to applications and services.
  • Implement timely testing and review process identify changes and upgrades within the University.
October 2015Champion, JohnBarker, CurtisIn Progress
Develop Network and IT Infrastructure for new construction.
  • Identify number and locations for installation of network connections.
  • Identify equipment required to provide full network and application access.
  • Existing Constructon Projects
    • Center for Student Success
    • Centenial II
    • Health Science Facility
    • Montlieu Lot
    • Farris Lot
    • Centenial Welcome Center
    • Promenade
    • Amphitheatre​
N/AChampion, JohnBarker, CurtisIn Progress
Anti-virus is a part of the first defense of a computer network. This project will analyze the state of virus protection within the High Point University network and choose a solution from a set of national vendors.

  • To replace the multiple solutions that High Point University has with one, all ad-hoc solution that provides an enterprise wide, robust anti-virus product.​

N/AChampion, John
Pending Prioritization
This project will access the network and contrast and compare several providers and their solutions in the marketplace.

  •  To have a comprehensive and seamless Password Management Solution across the enterprise.​​

N/AChampion, John
Pending Prioritization